PUBLISHED 2 April 2017
ISBN 978-0-9953865-0-1
RRP $16.95
FORMAT Paperback, 246 pp


Winner of the 2017 SCBWI Spark Award for Older Readers         

It’s not easy being a teenage boy growing up in the tough neighbourhood of Glebe in the 1930s. It’s even harder when your dream is to become an aviator, your parents are dead against it, and your girlfriend’s father is the School Principal. But Joe has even bigger challenges he must face and obstacles to overcome if he wants to achieve his dream. He has a plan and won’t let anyone stand in his way.

Ages 12+
Middle Grade / Teen / YA Fiction
Well-researched coming-of-age novel, rich in historic detail
Compelling mix of humour and drama
Themes include – adolescence, the Depression, survival, loss, family, friendship, work, gambling, truth and responsibility
Australian Curriculum appropriate – Secondary English and HSIE (History)

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PUBLISHED 1 Feb 2014
PUBLISHER Allen & Unwin
ISBN 978-1-74331-635-1
RRP $15.99
FORMAT Paperback,  222 pp



Joe Riley has to be a little creative to make pocket money in his rough and tumble neighbourhood of Glebe. He’s watched his dad keep ahead of the law and he’s sure that he can too, gambling on billycart races and selling farm-fresh eggs from his uncle’s chook farm.

But when his parents send him off to St Bartholomew’s – a Catholic boarding school on the other side of the harbour – Joe’s carefree existence is a thing of the past. Homesick and lonely, Joe meets the darker side of human nature and finds himself at odds with the school, especially Brother Felix.

Expelled from St Bart’s, Joe is sent to a reform school on the south coast known as The Farm. Life is tough there for a boy from the city, but it’s through working the land and tending the animals that Joe finds inner strength and peace, and rediscovers the thrill of true freedom.

Ages 12+
Middle Grade / Teen / YA Fiction
Australian Curriculum appropriate
Topics such as the Depression, domestic violence and sexual abuse are dealt with sensitively at a level suitable for lower secondary students.                      

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