Excerpts were performed as part of the Storytellers Festival at Kings Cross Theatre Sydney, 27 August to 7 September 2019.


Short Play performed in Crash Test Drama at Melting Pot Theatre, Bundanoon in November 2023. Michelle also directed the play and received the Judge’s award and Most Popular play on the night.


Short play performed at Favourite Shorts 2012 in Armidale. Short-listed for Short & Sweet Sydney 2012. Workshopped and performed at Crash Test Drama Sydney in August 2011.
Program for Favourite Shorts 2012 Program for Favourite Shorts 2012 (331 KB)

Synopsis: Sibling relationships are put to the test when Robyn celebrates her birthday on her younger sister’s birthday, and can’t understand what all the fuss is about. The fireworks start when Liz’s husband, Tony, barges in.


Short play performed at Short & Sweet Sydney in January 2012. Workshopped and performed at Script-in-Hand (Actors Anonymous) in October 2011.

Synopsis: Distraught after her divorce from Sam, Kate tries unsuccessfully to hail a taxi. She wants to put the past and her philandering husband behind her, but her best friend, Paula, can’t seem to say the right thing. When Sam appears, fueling the fire between them, past grievances are aired and secrets revealed.

Taxi! script Taxi! script (210 KB)


Short Play performed at Short & Sweet Newcastle in November 2010.

Review article from the Newcastle Herald

Synopsis: A petty misunderstanding over a Mars Bar morphs into a war of words between Candice and Jamal, two strangers who meet in a railway cafeteria. They challenge each over cultural stereotypes and other misconceptions until a railway guard intervenes and this seemingly doomed relationship is transformed.


Short Play performed at Favourite Shorts Festival in Armidale in March 2009. Readings at Saturday Playwright’s course with Timothy Daly at the NSW Writers’ Centre. 

Synopsis: Jack’s parents are teaching him how to drive, but can’t agree on the road rules. Jack’s driving school instructor, Judd, insists he will teach him the right way to drive. But with all of them in the car together, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Please contact Michelle if you are interested in performing any of her plays.

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